What To Do When Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Horror Movies…

We’ve all been there. You meet a potential girlfriend/boyfriend and you eventually have to pop the BIG question, “Do you like Horror movies?” You’re hoping the next words out of their mouth are either “Hell yes!” or “Only the GOOD ones, none of that remake crap.” Either one is acceptable (preferably the 2nd statement). But if you get something along the lines of “I don’t like scary movies”, then my friend we have a problem. None of us want to hear about how our obsession is someone else’s inconvenience. So then what do you do? Well you can do what most of us would do and dump them right then and there. Or you can attempt to reach an understanding or better yet convert your new partner to the dark side. Let’s go over some possible scenarios, (I’m a guy so this will be from my perspective)…

1.) Convert:

It’s Sunday night, your low on cash so you decide to stay at home and watch a movie with your girlfriend. You’re both going over some possible options and you suggest something like, Halloween. You hit play, grab a beer, kick back and life is good. As you’re watching your partner begins to critique the film, talking about what they would do different to make it “scarier”. Now although the first thought that comes to mind might be “Did this bitch seriously just dis John Carpenter?!” refrain from lashing out. And instead be happy that they actually enjoy the film, or at least somewhat care about it. This is a good thing. The movie ends, you look at your girl and ask “well, what did you think?” She then comes back with,”what’s the scariest movie you got?! Whatever it is I want to watch it!” If you are lucky enough to have this happen then your ass is on easy street.

2.) Accepting:

Same scenario that I just mentioned. This time your girlfriend stays quiet throughout the entire movie, looks kind of bored, maybe she’s even on her phone tweeting about how lame you are. The movie ends and you ask her what she thought of the film. Rather than seeming interested she says, very plainly, “It was good. Can we watch ‘Project Runway’ now?” Not the best answer, but she put up with the film and didn’t piss and moan the whole time. Not the ideal scenario like mentioned above, but acceptable.

3.) “No Fucking Way Am I Watching That Movie!”

Same scenario, but this time your girlfriend is being extremely difficult and doesn’t want to watch a “stupid scary movie.” You probably won’t reach an understanding and you will most likely be shit out of luck. Now instead of hiding in the bathroom with your laptop to watch porn, you’ll be watching Horror movies. It’s sad, but it happens.

I hope that everyone experiences either scenario #1 or #2, but if you happen to be dealing with #3…RUN!


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