The Toxic Avenger Part 2 (1989)

Reviewed by The Creep

Now with more cheese than the first,  but unfortunately less style, its the toxic avenger part 2.

As we go back to the toxic waste capital of the world, we see a peaceful, crime free Tromaville, and a depressed self conscious Toxie. With no more crime to fight, the Toxic Avenger works with his girlfriend at the Tromaville center for the Blind.  As Toxie battles feelings of worthlessness, a strange limo from “Apocalypse Inc” pulls up and all of a sudden there is once again a need for a hideously deformed creature of super human size and strength.
Apocalypse Inc is an evil corporation hell bent on world domination. To achieve this goal they must take over Tromaville, and with good ol Melvin in their way all their attempts fail.  Unable to kick his ass, the determined Apocalypse Inc hatches a scheme that takes advantage of Melvin’s depression and sends him searching for his father in Japan.  With the toxic avenger overseas, Apocalypse Inc is free to take over Tromaville.
In Japan, Melvin goes through a bunch of shit, beats up a bunch of Japanese bad guys and eventually heals his broken heart, so he can return home to once again rid Tromaville of evildoers.

The Toxic Avenger 2 is more or less a legit sequel.  It shows our monster hero and his life after the first film, the new trials and tribulation he must face, and a lot of weird Japanese stuff.  The production quality is a classic example of late 80s / early 90s Troma. (Although I must admit, I’m a bigger fan of the look and feel of the first film)  the film tends to drag in places, mainly going too long in endless fight sequences.  As a die hard fan of The Toxic Avenger, the sequel feels a bit hollow.  I love Toxie, and have a lot of respect for Lloyd Kaufman & Co, but I feel like Melvin the mop boy deserves better. They covered a lot of ground in Toxic Avenger 2, I just can’t help but think too much effort went in the wrong places.

Gore: 4 outta 5
Corny: 5 outta 5
Story : 3 outta 5 
Toxic Avenger dancing to Japanese pop punk band in the street: 5 outta 5 


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