The Toxic Avenger (1984)

Reviewed by The Creep

Some people feel that the film industry is at its peak. Special effects Like the “man in the suit” villain are a thing of the past, and have made way for CG effects.  In some instances the actors are in front of a green screen for the entire movie. There are people that feel superior technology makes for superior films…. the toxic avenger is not for those people.

The Toxic Avenger is the creation and brainchild of Lloyd Kaufman, founder of Troma entertainment.  Although it isn’t the first Troma team release,  its definitely the film that put them on the map.

Synopsis :

Tromaville, New Jersey (the toxic waste capital of the world)   is a once peaceful town, now overrun with crime. The trail of corruption leads all the way to the towns top officials.


Melvin the mop boy is a complete and hopeless nerd that works as a janitor in the Tromaville health club. He is constantly bullied and picked on by the jocks that frequent the health club. After a particularly nasty prank, Melvin runs blindly through the gym, flying out a second story window into a barrel of radioactive toxic waste.

Now transformed into a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength, Melvin single handedly takes out the crime and corruption of Tromaville winning the hearts and minds of its residents….

The toxic avenger is jam packed with quirky characters, cheesy gore effects, over the top fight scenes, nudity, explosions, and everything  else i’ve come to expect, in the classic troma style.

For more information about the toxic avenger, and other troma team releases, visit:

I give the toxic avenger… 5 mics or double-X-L’s or whatever. Full points. 


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