The Human Centipede (2010)

Reviewed by The Creep

God dammit,  I love foreigners.  They make these depraved god awful gory horror shows, that American imaginations just couldn’t seem to think up.  Today’s example is Tom Six’s malevolent creation, “The Human Centipede”.

Synopsis :

Dr. Josef Heiter, is a retired surgeon that used to specialized in the separation of conjoined twins. He has since become obsessed with joining bodies together.  After a failed experiment with Rottweilers, Dr. Heiter attempts to use kidnapped tourists as lab rats for his masterpiece creation, Siamese triplets.  Dr. Heiter’s design would join 3 humans along the gastric system, basically cutting them up and sewing them back together ass to mouth.

The film also features Lindsay and Jenny, two American tourists in Germany. On their way to a night club they get lost, end up in the woods with a flat tire, and walk right into the clutches of Dr. Heiter. Both Lindsay and Jenny suffer from  “stupid white girls in a horror flick” syndrome, breaking all established rules of conduct.  They are so painfully American that honestly, they deserve to have their knees broken and lips sewn to the ass of a pissed off Japanese guy.

As a whole,  The Human Centipede was pretty good. While its not a bloodstained gore fest,  its more reliant on gross out factors of unseen objects.  (Pissed off Japanese guy pooping into stupid white girl in a horror film’s mouth, ect.)   You never actually see the naked centipede,  its all bandaged around the connecting points which are still healing.  A film of lesser caliber would have CGI ‘d a super awesome morphed centipede creation with extra ewoks. My hat goes off to Mr. Six for keeping it tasteful.

Highlights of The Human Centipede would definitely  have to be Dr. Heiter. So goddam crazy and meticulous, Dieter Laser brings a hilarious energy to the mad scientist/surgeon role.  Pissed off Japanese guy gets honorable mentions.

Good idea =>

Lindsay & jenny drinking/smoking game.  Every time the Lindsay and Jenny characters  say each others name, take a drink, or hit, or do a bump (whatever your poison may be)

Gore : 3 and a half outta 5
Gross out: 4 outta 5
Story 5 outta 5


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