The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) (2011)

Reviewed by The Creep

Good evening,  ladies and gentlemen of the ward. Tonight’s review is a gross one. “The Human Centipede 2”. Lets just cut the foreplay and get right to it.

Martin is a mentally challenged dwarf that works as a lot attendant  in a London parking garage.  He spends his days watching and obsessing over the human centipede film, mainly focused on the “100% scientifically accurate” aspect of it. Martin kidnaps unsuspecting victims in the parking garage, he is attempting to make a 12 person centipede.

We also see other disturbing  aspects of Martin’s life, a history of horrific emotional and sexual abuse, his mother and psychologist,  not to mention the way regular everyday people treat Martin with such disdain.

This is an interesting idea for a sequel, while having nothing to do with the original story, it is bizarrely self aware in a way, and poses a grotesque example of life imitating art.  Way more disturbing than if  some fool wanted to imitate, oh I don’t know, a batman movie or something, trying to be a fake ass joker… There can be only ONE!!! (Shit, I guess it is too soon)

Disgusting highlights :

In The Human Centipede 2, Tom Six definitely beefs up the gore and splatter that the first one lacks.  Martin really is a twisted little fuck. …and not to spoil anything but, yes. He fucks the centipede.

* masturbating using sandpaper

* graphic gory surgery scenes

*all persons in the centipede getting shot up with laxatives.

* actual centipede funneled into anus

*Beating woman’s face to nothing  with crowbar

For full effect watch after the first human centipede film.


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