The Devil’s Carnival (2012)

Reviewed by R.T.K.

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Hello patients of the ward, R.T.K. here with another review. Today I’m actually going to watch the whole film before actually writing so here we go. Ok, movies over, time to review. ‘The Devil’s Carnival’ directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, written by Terrence Zdunich. These two men, along with the entire cast and crew, need awards of some kind. I’m sorry I’m not more objective with these reviews, but I gotta tell ya, I’m a sucker for a musical. Especially such a well written one.

The basic meat of the story is three different people, john, Tamara, and ms. Merrywood. Each have their own sins they have committed on earth and end up dying right at the beginning. As soon as they do, they find themselves in hell, which is carnival themed apparently. Each of the sinners receive a story, song, and punishment fit for each of their crimes on earth. Tamara is punished for trusting “bad boys” and is tricked and killed by some greaser looking guy called the scorpion. Ms. Merrywood is a kleptomaniac and is tempted into an impossible and humiliating task to win a gigantic diamond which is impossible to win but is tempted to try due to her greed, and johns punishment the most demented of all, is forced to relive the events of losing his son only to keep finding him and losing him again. The thing I enjoyed the most is that each punishment and song is set in a circus style where all the other demons are watching for their own amusement. All except the last, john is taken into a personal meeting with Satan himself. After said meeting he is sent to heaven as a mockery to God. Right after Satan declares war on heaven and the movie ends. Damn, that was short. Like, too short. I really enjoyed it. Immensely enjoyed it. There is a lot of story and songs crammed into an hour and the only complaint I had was its only one hour long. I will definitely be looking up more work from these two gentlemen.

Time for some meaningless ratings!
Scary: 0/5 unless the image of demons and Satan scares you,
not much to freak out about

Acting: 4/5 superb, over acting in very miniscule parts, but
for all I know it was intentional

Production: 5/5 fantastic wardrobe and make up

Story: 5/5 fantastically original, a nice break from all the
saw and paranormal activity rip offs I have been plagued with recently.

Music: 5/5 it’s a musical, what else can I say

Overall: 4/5 the only reason this is not getting a perfect
review is because it does not scare, its just aq great horror themed film. I’m going
to go watch it again!


3 Responses to “The Devil’s Carnival (2012)”

  1. I loved this one as well. I will be buying myself a copy.

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