The Collector (2009)

The Collector Poster

Reviewed by ThCreep

Some people call it “gorenography” …the use of gratuitous violence and excessive gore for shock and awe.  Today’s film, “The Collector ” is loaded with it.

The setup goes something like this:  Down on his luck guy (Arkin) is doing renovation on a diamond broker’s house.  His wife owes big money to dangerous people, so Arkin decides to break into the house and raid the safe. Once inside, Arkin soon notices that the house is set up with lethal boobie traps, the family is held captive and tortured by some creep in a mask. So, Arkin must escape and be a hero and steal the diamond and, yea, typical horror movie escape plan.

The Collector is a good example of decent modern American  horror. The story is fresh enough. The boobie traps are cool (home alone meets saw) the violence and gore is outstanding.  The antagonist a reeeeally sadistic son of a bitch with creepy eyes.  Apparently he’s the collector,  and he collects people. He kills everyone except the one he takes.

All in all, “The Collector ” is badass. Its not really cerebral, there is no Shamylan twist. This film is an awesome brain dead splatterfest. There is no real point to the story other than “everybodys fucked.”

Gore 5 outta 5 
Scary 4 outta 5 
Story 3 1/2 outta 5
Strippers smoking cigarettes 5 outta 5


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