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Paranormal Story by R.T.K.

Posted in 2012 with tags , , , , , on November 25, 2012 by 42ndego

Dude I told you once and I’ll tell you again, this is stupid and it’s wasting my time, Derek’s voice emitting displeasure through the phone lines directed at Andrew. I swear to everything holy this will work this time, I got everything exactly right, the mirror is the proper height, the markers are all lined up, this is happening. Andrew had tried several times before to perform a ritualistic teleportation only to bump his face into a solid unforgiving mirror surface having to stare at his defeat each time it failed, tonight was going to be different he was sure of it. Every time you try this all I hear is your fat face bumping against the glass, so hurry up and fail so I can stop wasting minutes. I can’t just do it; it has to be precise so I can avoid my fat face hitting the mirror asshole. The clock hit 11:55 he took a deep cleansing breath and began drawing down the sides of the mirror; silence took over as he focused deeply on the perfect formation of the opening. Andrews voice broke the silence crudely, is this spell going to be written in ye olde English shit again, because last time you couldn’t even read it. It’s not a spell, it’s an incantation, and no it’s not. Read more…

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