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Spit vs Spit

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Todays Classic vs. Remake is “I Spit on Your Grave”  originally a Grindhouse flick made in 1978, it was remade in 2010. I spit on your grave is a tale of rape and revenge, pure and simple. While it’s not as fun to watch as Freddy or Jason, the story is realistic, and it could happen, and very well does on a daily basis.

Here’s the facts:

Originally titled “Day of the Woman” the film changed titles a few different times before it was re-released as “I spit on your grave” in 1980. (My vote is for “How Jenny got her Groove Back”)  Writer/ director Meir Zarchi had a hell of a time trying to get his film distributed. In the year that saw the release of Halloween, The Toolbox Murders, and Jaws 2, Mr. Zarchi had to take his film to the MPAA multiple times before they would allow a release. Apparently you can chop a woman up 9 ways to Sunday, just don’t anally rape her on film.  Financially, the film did good enough to barely break even.
The 2010 remake of “I spit on your grave” features a cast of relatively unknown players. The original director, Meir Zarchi, was an executive producer for this film. Financially it was a disaster, with a budget of $2 million, and bringing in $572,809. (The budget for the original film was $650,000.)

Here’s the opinions:

The original “I spit on your grave” was pretty rough, due to subject matter, as well as bad acting. It feels like a less than polished version of “Last House on the Left”.  The rape scenes are kinda corny, mostly due to overacting on the part of the men. They do, however, get the point across. The revenge scenes are lacking… but interesting, also on the part of the men. (I don’t understand how after gang raping and supposedly murdering Jennifer Hills, the Johnny character would willingly get into a car with her behind the wheel.)  A lot of critics *coughRogerEbertcough* accuse the film of being pro feminist and anti-male. I’m just not seeing it. While the roles in the film are unique to man and woman, (probably the most common of all rapist/rapee scenarios.) One needs to look no further than “Deliverance” to see a man in the reversed role.  I see neither glorification of violence towards women, nor hardcore feminine propaganda in this film.  The strongest theme by far is revenge.

“I spit on your grave ” 2010 is seriously an excellent remake.  This film drops all elements of the campy exploitation flick, and makes the feeling of the film as dark as the subject matter. They made the antagonists even darker than the original. The rape scenes were very graphic and not at all corny as in the 1978 version. By adding the sheriff to the group of rapists, this film provides and even darker outlook than the first.  Sarah Butler does an incredible job in her portrayal of Jennifer Hills, in both the vulnerable and empowered scenes. I appreciate the fact that Jennifer kidnaps her aggressors opposed to seducing them as she did in the original. The acts of revenge are also more  creative and gory. Eyelids pierced and pulled open with fish hooks, a man’s face melted off by lye… Not gonna lie, my favorite scene is the sheriff with a shotgun forcibly inserted into his anus.

So, today I act out of character and actually go for the remake above the original.  Crucify me if you like.  They’re both worth a view,  but the remake does an better job of bringing home the darkness of the subject matter, and the revenge is much more triumphant.

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