The Innkeepers (2011)


Reviewed by 42ndego

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Don’t you hate it when you watch a movie that gets off to a good start and then right when you get a taste of what could be, it ends? That’s how I felt once I finished watching Ti West’s ‘The Innkeepers‘. Being a fan of Ti’s last film (The House of the Devil) I had high hopes when I heard about his follow up project. ‘The Innkeepers‘ tells the story of Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy). Two employees of the soon to be shut down ‘Yankee Pedlar Inn’. In an attempt to prevent the hotel from going under the two try to prove that the ghost stories surrounding the hotel are in fact, real.

This film starts off on a vibe that is very neutral. Fans can’t be too sure if they are in fact watching a horror movie or not, you just have to wait and see. But you’re left waiting for a good portion of the film and when things do finally start to pick up, it’s during the last half hour. So you get into it, and then that interest quickly fades.

What I liked about this film was that there wasn’t any warning (for the most part) that something was around the corner. Like the first ‘scare scene’ in the film, you didn’t know if a ghost was going to pop out or if it was going to be a prank played by one of the hotel employees. Which threw me off at first because it adds an unusual feeling to the spectator experience. Another bonus was that the make up effects were morbid and legit, no CGI was present. What I couldn’t get past was Sara Paxton’s acting when she was ‘supposedly’ scared, I just kept laughing cause of how fake it was. Now if it was intended to be silly then disregard the comment, but I’m thinking not.

The main downside to this film is that you only get a few scenes with any ghosts in them, leaving the film with mostly story and little scare. And it’s unfortunate because there were a lot of opportunities to really shake shit up! But instead these openings were left unfulfilled. Leaving a sense of disappointment once the credits roll.

Gore: 3 out of 5

Entertainment Value: 3 out of 5

Story: 2 out of 5

Overall: 3 out of 5


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