Funny Games (1997)

Reviewed by 42ndego

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Watching a film that stirs up so much emotion in you definitely adds an interesting appeal to the viewing experience and the German ‘Horror’ film Funny Games ‘pissed me off’ in every sense of the phrase. For starters it got me heated because it caused me to put myself in the characters’ shoes and what I would do in that situation. I haven’t been so frustrated while watching a film since Red State. On the other hand, Michael Haneke has some explaining to do. There were parts in this film where you couldn’t tell if they were done for dramatic effect or because they were trying to fill up space. Plus there was an odd incident that occurred towards the end of the film that didn’t add up at all and had no explanation behind it, leaving me thinking to myself, ‘what the fuck just happened?!’

I liked that this film causes the audience to relate to it and gets them thinking about the ‘what if’s?’ However I didn’t like that the acting was very convincing and then at the same time it wasn’t. You’re sitting there convinced that the actors/actresses are in pain in some parts. But when it’s obvious they should be hysterical at other times, they’re just kind of nonchalant. And it’s up and down like this throughout the entire movie.

I give Haneke credit for getting my adrenaline going. But as far as the rest of it goes…what the fuck?!

Gore: 1 out of 5

Entertainment Value: 1 1/2  out of 5

Story: 2  out of 5

Overall:  2 out of 5


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