Pot Zombies (2005)

Reviewed by The Creep

Drinking : red fanta
Smoking : Mexican dirt weed.

What a world we live in that any fool with a camera can make and distribute movies glorifying drugs and violence.   Troma’s “Pot Zombies ” is what happens when an entire  generation grows up smoking pot and watching the toxic avenger.

There is no real story to Pot Zombies, just random scenes of different people smoking marijuana then turning green and going cannibal. In the title sequence we see some kind of radioactive  treatment process for the weed.  An atomic high, definitely a cornerstone of Troma, inc.  I also would like to note the soundtrack. Punk rock and zombies always have a special place in my heart. Features live performances from “The Dwarves” and “Damage Case”.  There are bizarre animation segments that separate scenes, using super simple animated joints and weird noises.
My favorite scene is a tie between the dropout guys trying to think of a name for their band,  and the hippie that gets pulled over by the cop.

Pot Zombies is an EXTREMELY low budget film. This makes the cinematography of “Redneck Zombies” look like a James Cameron film.  There are CG effects but they’re almost purposely bad. (Check out the flashing  lights on the cop car)  apparently this is vol.1 of the “make your own damn movie: young filmmakers series” from Troma.  Pot Zombies is the cinematic equivalent of a 3 chord high school garage band complete with mohawks and nose rings. You and I (true fans of horror )  need more films like Pot Zombies.  More people need to heed the call of Mr. Kaufman and “make your own damn movie!”   Speaking of Kaufman,  he has a cameo as a mentally challenged pizza boy.

Gore : 5 outta 5 
Cheesey / corny factor : 11 outta 5
Story: 3 outta 5
Guitar players that hang dong : 5 outta 5

Overall : 5 outta 5 for effort
               3 outta 5 for production


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