Playback (2012)

Reviewed by R.T.K.

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Hello patients of the ward, R.T.K. here with yet another review. Today I will be reviewing the movie ‘Playback’. Directed by Michael Nickles, I think this is a good time to explain the difference between a B-movie and a bad movie. Just because your movie has silly special effects and extreme stretches in logic and reality, does not make it a B-movie. that might hacve been the original intention, but it just ended up being a bad movie because there is, in fact, a fine line and specific criterion that should be followed for a B-movie. Now, what does this have to do with the film I just watched. ‘Playback’ has several instances where it looked like they attempted a B-movie style, it didn’t quite fit for me though.

The synopsis: protagonist begins to investigate unsolved murders only to release the very evil that was murdering people. Yes, it’s ‘The Ring’. Just far more gory. The gore ,to me, doesn’t cover up the obviously glaring plot holes. That’s about it…I think I need to review another movie because this took about 20 minutes to throw together…..oh well

Time for some meaningless ratings

Scary: 3/5 Jumps scares, I freaking hate jump scares! But they
are scares
Acting: 2/5 lacking except for the desperate attempt to save
the performance by injecting Cristian Slater  
Production: 4/5 lotsa gore, looks real enough
Story: 2/5 snippets of several good movies mashed together
Overall: 3/5 didn’t suck, didn’t rock


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