Pieces (1982)

Reviewed by 42ndego

I love the 1980’s horror genre, even if it may have made Horror films more mainstream, it was still a great time for Horror movies. It was a time that opened new doors in the realm of special effects, it was also a time that spawned numerous copycats of “Halloween” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre“. Looking at the poster to your right, where do you think this film got its inpiration?

Pieces by Juan Piquer Simon is one of those films you watch just to see how far they will go. Staying true to the grindhouse/exploitation style, Pieces doesn’t lack in blood, poor acting, tons of nudity and an overall good time! Whats not to like about that?! To the new fans this is not a first person/PG-13/safe/rip off piece of garbage for the masses. This an old school, entertaining as hell, no limits horror film!

Taking on a story we’ve seen a dozen times before, a maniac on a killing spree, what makes this film different? Well it sure as hell isn’t the story or the “award winning” acting. But what Pieces does offer is a break from what we’ve been seeing a lot of recently. Filmmakers who are clearly trying too hard to come up with fresh ideas. How about instead you kick back and watch promiscuous college girls get chased by a lunatic with a chainsaw?!


Gore: 5 out of 5

Entertainment Value: 4 1/2  out of 5

Story: 2  out of 5

Overall:  4 out of 5


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