Paranormal Story by R.T.K.

Dude I told you once and I’ll tell you again, this is stupid and it’s wasting my time, Derek’s voice emitting displeasure through the phone lines directed at Andrew. I swear to everything holy this will work this time, I got everything exactly right, the mirror is the proper height, the markers are all lined up, this is happening. Andrew had tried several times before to perform a ritualistic teleportation only to bump his face into a solid unforgiving mirror surface having to stare at his defeat each time it failed, tonight was going to be different he was sure of it. Every time you try this all I hear is your fat face bumping against the glass, so hurry up and fail so I can stop wasting minutes. I can’t just do it; it has to be precise so I can avoid my fat face hitting the mirror asshole.

The clock hit 11:55 he took a deep cleansing breath and began drawing down the sides of the mirror; silence took over as he focused deeply on the perfect formation of the opening. Andrews voice broke the silence crudely, is this spell going to be written in ye olde English shit again, because last time you couldn’t even read it. It’s not a spell, it’s an incantation, and no it’s not. What is it then? I can’t read until its time. *sigh* convenient, where are you planning to “go” this time, his sarcasm was sharp and stinging. I actually don’t know where this one will take me, anywhere would be nice, his voice inspired hope in his own soul, he needed this boost failure gets to anyone after so many attempts. Andrew hears a knock, what mom?! He yelled out. What was that? My mom’s knocking at my door. He stared and remained silent waiting for his mother’s reply, his eyes fixed on his bedroom door parallel to his closet door, awaiting the inevitable chore to be done. Andrew continued drawing, what she say? Nothing, she’s probably drunk again, *knock* holy Christ I’m just going to ignore her. 11:57. the portal is drawn, Andrew ginned with hope in his eyes at his achievement. Mozle tov, more sarcasm spewed from Derek, well I’ll let you get ready say hello to the 5th dimension for me Dr. Who. Andrew couldn’t even begin to explain what was incorrect about that statement.

Derek, I need you to stay on the phone with me I mean If I pass through I want to know I have a line to the outside world. Are you serious?…you think they have cell phone towers in Narnia? Whatever man how much longer? 11:59. about a minute left. Ok I need you to be silent while I say this. As a church mouse Andrew. Derek read his line over and over again, doing his best to work out the obvious slip ups his nervousness will no doubt bring upon him. You about ready harry potter. The clock struck 12:00 am he drew in a breath, “in the darkness they tried to hide it, yet through the doorway I will find it” he was shaking. Andrew that is the stupidest spell chant I ever heard, who wrote that shit dr. sues? Come on man just….he blocked out Derek and his negative comments he knew it had worked, he reached out for the mirror, tears come to his as his fingers went right through the glass, he reached deeper, up to his elbow, his breath quivering with excitement. I’m in. what? My arm, it’s in the mirror. Dude, shut up just admit that it didn’t work and…*knock* *knock* I’ll be out in a second mom! Derek I am dead serious, holy shit….ok then what do you see? Nothing just my arm is in, I’m going in now. *BANG* what the fuck?! Hold on Andrew. MOM I SAID I WOULD BE DOWN IN A SECOND! Oh my god I’m through can you still hear me? What? Your phone is breaking up. It’s…never…..darkness….glowing….his breaks in and out. Dude Andrew fix your phone I can’t…*BANG* *BANG* I swear to god mom…

Derek goes to get out of his chair when a disgusting vile scream comes from his phone. Andrew? ANDREW! This isn’t fucking funny man I…the phone hangs up. *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* he stomps across his room and swings open his bedroom door, MOM WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE SO DAMN. He stops yelling when he notices a note on his door. “Grandma in hospital, be back in the morning, dinner in microwave, love mom” his confusion quickly turns to panic, he backs into his room *BANG* *BANG* he looks to his left, the closet door shakes with each booming sound. Without
thinking he opens the closet and jumps back in horror as he watches his best friends emaciated, withered and aged body slouch over and fall to the floor with a raspy groan. He is covered with terrible deep gouges where entire chunks of skin have been ripped from his body all the wounds are massive scars now long since healed over. Andrew?! What the fuck happened? How did you get here?! He whispers in to Derek’s ear unintelligible gibberish while he begins to drool and sob. Andrew? Did anyone go with you through the mirror? Andrew feebly shakes his head and looks up to Derek who is leering into the darkness of his closet. Derek begins crying, then who is standing in my closet…..



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