Mockingbird Lane (2012) (TV Series)

Reviewed by R.T.K.

I hesitated to watch this show. I procrastinated as long as possible, but to ignore the remake of such a classic and iconic show would be detrimental to the integrity of The Ward. So a Munster’s remake?  Is this where it’s at now Hollywood? Admittedly, I unfairly and rigidly compared this show to the genius of the original and I told myself that ‘if it isn’t anything like the Munster I watch now, I hate it!’ As soon as I start it I notice it’s in color and I shut it off. THE END! Ok fine, I’ll watch the damn thing….

Opening scene is a camp fire surrounded by boy scouts arguing about what happened to their food supply. It looks like someone got into it! Like may be a werewolf? Named Eddie? I’m just guessing. At any rate, they group freaks out when the only black kid is dragged off into the forest, followed by the scout leader, also black. If you are wondering why their race is important, please refer to my ‘top 10 mistakes made in horror’. Well don’t worry because this is NBC, where no one gets killed, so they show up later all shaken up. After a regroup, they all inquire as to where Eddie is. Guess who comes stumbling out of the forest in the morning?

Next scene, we find Marilyn looking at houses for her aunt and uncle. Picks big creepy castle. The rest of the show plays out as a regular episode of the Munster. The differences in the two shows are painfully obvious.

The whole premise of the episode is Herman’s heart is breaking (literally) and he is too afraid to get a different one because he doesn’t want his feeling for lily to change….which is stupid. Love is an emotion made by your brain. Your heart pumps blood. Still, I do understand the message and the fact that his chest can be opened up by zipper is a nice touch. The B plot is that Eddie is wondering why they have to keep moving and it’s because he keeps attacking people as a werewolf, but they don’t want to tell him because they are trying to hide the fact from the new neighborhood. Back to main plot, eddies new scout master is a perfect heart match for Herman and grandpa wants to kill him, eat him, and replace Herman’s heart with his. Makes sense to me. Which by the end of the show, he does precisely that. Shut me up about NBC not killing people, not only did he kill him ,but he had a straw in his open chest cavity  where we can plainly see him drinking all the blood from his body. Neat-o! Back in the second story, Eddie is let in on his true identity. He is upset about the revelation, until his parents do what any parent would do for an upset boy, they get him a pet and anyone who knows about the Munsters knows how awesome that scene is…….

And to anyone that doesn’t know the Munster, he gets fuckin’ dragon named spot!

So, I’m not going to lie. I liked it, I really did. I really didn’t want to like it.  Given the fact that I was destined to hate it I still have some complaints. Marilyn is too weird, she was supposed to be the normal one, the bridge between the real world and the Munsters themselves. In fact now that I think about it, she was the only weird one. Her and grandpa. The other problem, the funniest part about the Munster was watching them interact with normal people and laughing when they freaked out. They seemed oblivious to the fact that anything is wrong with them and they assume everyone else is crazy. That coupled with Herman’s loveable goofy behavior, made it a great show. The whole point of ‘Mockingbird Lane’ is they are hiding their differences. Also, it’s too serious. They are trying to get laughs out of people by just being obscure. The Munsters had endless one liners for any situation and it was always hilarious.

One of the more delightful parts of the show is Eddy Izzard playing Grandpa. Perhaps the best part.

Today is Halloween! Which means…that’s right. We are changing the ratings system to JACK-O-LANTERNS!

3/5 jack-o-lanterns for Mockingbird Lane, if the idea of Tim Burton remaking The Brady Bunch excites you, then this is definitely your show!


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