Martyrs (2008)

Reviewed by The Creep

Fuck Yeah Foreigners!  “Martyrs ” is the kind of film that makes you wonder not only what’s wrong with foreigners, but also what’s wrong with religious kooks around the world.

As “Martyrs” begins we see a young girl, Lucie, escaping a creepy building running and panicking. We learn that she was held captive and abused for some years before her escape.

*flash to…*

A seemingly happy regular ol french family eating breakfast on a Saturday morning.  Teasing,  arguing, and laughing at one another.  They are interrupted by the door bell, and a much older Lucie proceeds to brutally murder the whole family. After the carnage, a panicked Lucie calls her friend/ partner, Anna, to come assist her in cleaning up the mess.
After all is cleaned, the girls stay the night in the house of the murdered family.  Lucie suffers from psychotic hallucinations of some creepy zombie-ish girl that beats the hell out of her, and although technically self inflicted, Lucie dies from her wounds.
As Anna sits in the aftermath trying to figure out what to do, she finds an underground room and torture chamber complete with creepy tortured girl. No sooner than she makes this discovery, a troupe of armed secret police looking guys storm the house and take Anna hostage.  She finds herself sharing the same tortures as Lucie did.  Apparently the people behind the cruelty is some religious society that tortures young girls into seeing visions of the afterlife, thus making them martyrs.

“Martyrs” is a badass flick all the way around.  Unflinching violence, squeamish torture scenes, creepy psychotic hallucinations. This film has everything needed to make it a top notch gory horrorshow.  …But of course the goddam American film industry can’t leave well enough alone. From what I’ve read, a remake is in the work from the producers of the Twilight “faggy vampire kids” series, and using director Daniel Stamm, who is quoted as saying … “[The original film] is very nihilistic. The American approach [that I’m looking at] would go through all that darkness but then give a glimmer of hope. You don’t have to shoot yourself when it’s over.”

…My advise is to see the original and boycott the remake. Yet another perfectly awesome film falling victim to the American cocksucker movie remake machine.

Highlights would definitely be the double barrel family massacre. My god it’s an awesome scene.


Violence & gore : 5 outta 5 
Gross & squeamish : 5 outta 5 
Helpless French girl getting bitch-slapped by big buff guy : 5 outta 5 
Story : 5 outta 5

Overall score,  5 outta 5


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