Isolation (2011)

Reviewed by R.T.K.

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Hello patients of the ward, R.T.K. here and tonight I will be reviewing ‘Isolation’ from director Stephen T. Kay (Boogeyman). In this movie Amy awakes in a strange hospital in an isolation tent with no explanation as to what her condition is or what is making her so sick. The whole time the doctors are coming in and out to check on her, you can tell they know something. They purposely ignore questions and are very cautious about letting her move around the room on her own. I’m actually enjoying the suspense and wanting to actually get through the whole movie to find out answers. Slowly, the story begins to unravel involving a friend of hers that is also in his own little bubble in the next room. Bad news when she watched him die and after seeing earlier he was coughing whatever disease all up in her face she is, presumably, doomed to the same fate.

I feel like this is the type of movie where you might feel like there is a lot of pointless filler, but I will all be worth it in the end, example: the 6th sense. Well, I originally thought this would turn into some sort of zombie virus movie, I figured she would turn into a brain sucker by the end of the movie, but that whole scenario flew out the window when she remembers a flash back of the two doctors that are “helping” her, actually kidnapped her and are restraining her there, with her father. I have not the slightest clue what this is building towards. I should have written this review after I watched rather than while I watched it, but fuck it I’m not starting over now! And now the pinnacle question has been asked. “Why are you doing this to us!?” and we have our answer. Seems the father and daughter and man from earlier were part of an emergency room team that let the hostage man’s wife die because of inexperience on her part. So his intention is to perform surgery on her father in front of her to show off his limited surgery and hospital ability with the intention to teach the duo a lesson about fairness. Poetic justice is my favorite kid of justice! While she manages to slip he bed restraints, he manages to slit the dads throat. The chase is now on!

She takes off from the warehouse she is in and rushes off with the man with nothing to lose behind her. She finds a house much to her relief only to soon discover it belongs to her attacker. While in the heat of pursuit she unintentionally stabs and kills his partner. How many more friends of yours are you going to let her kill? Run that broad through man! Instead he drugs her and gives her a guilt trip about the whole therapeutic misadventure. Soon after he makes his pain apparent he buries her alive. Sweet deal. Exactly what I thought would happen. Slow build, but the twist did throw me. I was expecting a zombie virus of some sorts. At least its original.

Scary:2/5 mostly suspenseful, I jumped like once.
Production: 3/5 nothing spectacular, but definitely not
Story: 4/5 original and engaging
Acting: 4/5 a good job from the entire cast
Overall: 4/5 if you cant find anything spectacular to watch
and don’t want to hate yourself for catching a crappy flick, this is your movie


4 Responses to “Isolation (2011)”

  1. You’re a fucked up asshole.

  2. Amber Hayes Says:

    I saw this too late! Interested in another movie trying o get a theatrical release called the House At The End Of The Drive, by David Omen, inspired by The Sharon Tate/ Manson Murders! Wished I’d seen it earlier! I like the idea of putting a viewers photo on the fridge, nice touch! Hope ou are still ale to make your movie!

  3. Amber Hayes Says:

    Isolation was a pretty good movie, good twist!

  4. I rated it a 2 out of 5, it had a good plot, good twist but I expected her to get away and stay alive. Or Jake to get in the way and stop her dad from getting killed. Good twist but I guess I’m not a big fan of the bad guy winning and watching the protagonist being buried alive. Gives me chills.

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