Hidden (2012)

Reviewed by R.T.K.

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Hello patients of the ward, I am delighted to bring you another review. Not so delighted it’s yet another Netflix pick but hey; beggars can’t be choosers, so let’s get right into ‘Hidden’. Directed by Antoine Thomas, it took me quite some time to find any info on this movie, it being Antoine’s first movie. So, hopefully he will bring the thunder on his first flick. Ok let’s get started.
Ok, we got another crazy scientist/doctor lady performing messed up experiments on her patients. Now she’s dead. Son is inheriting her hospital/laboratory. We can all see where this is going. Never the less, I am interested to see how they pull off the ‘stuck in a haunted house for a night’. So many different approaches to take, the “blatant monsters attacking”, the “paranormal activity/poltergeist”, the” completely fucking it up”. A classic movie staple, old wise man warning about not going because of all the horrific shit that went down. The son’s friend doesn’t care; there is money to be made, specifically in selling the place. No cell phone service, of course. Wouldn’t want them to call the cops on ghosts. And it begins strange noises and shadows appearing. Now we are talking story progression. Hidden door in the confessional. Yeah, turns out, the hospital is actually a monastery. Of course the whole crew heads down the secret passage way. Except one woman, she breaks off from the group in desperate need of a cell phone signal. Yeah, she’s “that” woman. After a spooky noise, she makes the right move and heads after the group. Geez, it’s like they can’t even hear me yell at them. Two kids break off from the group for a romantic make out session/pill popping party. Well look at that, the hospital where all the fucked up stuff happened is in the basement of the monastery. The noises and creepy manifestations are ramping up pretty hardcore. Little kids popping up and disappearing always, always sends chills down my spine. Especially when they have fucked up tentacles coming out of their face. Brian, the son, is starting to have some shell shock and remembering all the terrible things that happened in that very hospital. The makes the smartest decision of their lives by agreeing to get the hell out at the slightest sign of funny business. Well, not with the only exit door locked. So, in a flurry of confusion they run around trying escape while being chased by the spirits that were tormented in that very hospital. It’s a very common plot device, but I have to say, I am enjoying how they are pulling it off. The movie then slows down a bit to explain more back story. Setting up enough personal details for each person and how they are connected with out boring the piss out of me. We then go to a montage of the group getting picked off on by one by the most terrifying little kids ever. I will be having nightmares about these one. Our hero brain now finds himself alone, one little dent in the plot is he seems to be a lot more interested in some random room he has stumbled upon rather than the fact that he just came across the corpses of his friends and is being chased by little monster children, but it is crucial to the story that he does stay in that room. I won’t say why, but this story is a doozy with a fantastic twist that I actually didn’t see coming. I will tell you, it ends with our resident badass, Brian, killing the bad guy and commencing to an epic, escape…through the door…that was locked moments ago…the only reason this movie existed is because they couldn’t simply just leave because the door was locked. It isn’t now. If I was a ghost, that would be, like, the first thing I do before anything else, make sure the door is still locked. Regardless, our hero does make it out and he and the girl live happily ever after.

Great job for a first movie bro. I was scared, story made perfect sense, no cheesy over acting. Sounds like its time for some meaningless effing ratings.

Scary: 4/5 these are kids I will be seeing in my nightmares, over exposure to their creepiness took away the terror after a while, but still scary

Story: 5/5 original to the best of my knowledge

Production: 1/5 use of CGI. For shame.

Overall: 4/5 Good flick. I expect great things to come from this guy.


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