Hard Candy (2005)

Reviewed by The Creep

Ho-lee shit this movie is badass. From director David Slade, ladies and gentlemen, its “Hard Candy”.

Jeff and Hayley meet on the internet. Jeff is a super creepy photographer. Hayley is a 14 year old girl.  The film opens on an instant message conversation of the two of them making arrangements to meet up at a coffee shop.  After some  super creepy banter Hayley agrees to go home with Jeff.  After things get extra super creepy at Jeff ‘s place,  we see the plot twist.


Hayley has drugged Jeff, tied him to a chair, and begins tearing through his house looking for dirt. Eventually, Jeff is exposed for being a murdering pedophile, so Hayley mentally and physically fucks his shit up good and proper. (not to give away too much, but Jeff suffers a fate fitting for a child molester.) Hayley makes Jeff sit face to face with his demons, and eventually avenges his previous victims.

Right at the opening of the film I keep screaming “what the FUCK?!?!” I was unaware of the plot twist and couldn’t believe how creepy this god dam film was. Ellen Page, (Juno, Inception) and Patrick Wilson (Insidious, Lakeview Terrace)  really bring their characters alive. Hats off and a big round of applause to Ellen Page for stepping up and making this film her bitch. The use of colors and imagery is worth mentioning.  “Hard Candy” is a very artistic and classy, at times almost Kubrick-esque. Not bad, coming from the guy that directed “Twilight 3”.  Ill overlook it. For an “independent” film produced by LionsGate, I am thoroughly impressed.

Creepy factor : 5 outta 5
Castration : 5 outta 5 
Overall score: 5 outta 5


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