Flight of the Living Dead (2007)



Reviewed by R.T.K.Flight of the living dead

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Good evening patients of the ward R.T.K. here with another review, tonight I am watching “Flight of the living dead” if snakes on a plane and dawn of the dead had a miscarriage, it would be something like this film.
The plot , some government official is carrying some biologically dangerous cargo on a commercial airline, good idea right? If you are looking for an answer to that question, it is no…, it is not smart. The film then proceeds to waste my life by setting pointless background and love affairs between these soon time be zombie chew toys. It does not progress the story, it just makes me bored. Then the biologically dangerous cargo gets lose, because they secured it so well, then the person guarding is injured by the resulting crash. The cargo is revealed to be a young lady with a zombie disease. After some admittedly bad ass zombie shooting scenes , the survivors warn the jets coming to kill them that they are in fact in control of he airplane and are saved from getting blown to bits, they crash in to a mountain and get blown to bits. They, all being super humans, survive the crash and make their way towards a city, only to reveal that some zombies also survive and head to the very same city!  lame.
Pointless back story’s could have been taken out and made the movie 45 mins long with awesome zombie fight scenes.
Time for some meaningless ratings

Scary: 3/5 zombie reveal dId freak me out 
Acting: 1/5 terrible
Production: 4/5 zombies looked very good 
Story: 1/5 see above
Overall: 2/5 



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