Episode 50 (2011)

Reviewed by R.T.K.

Hello patients of the ward. Today I bring you. Episode 50, written and directed by Joe and Tess Smalley is yet another first person shooter camera style, but with a slight twist. It’s all shot like a television show. Specifically one of those paranormal investigation shows. To share my opinion on the subject, I hate those kinds of shows. So to watch a crew of that type of show, get attacked by ghosts makes me a happy guy. The movie starts out like any one of those shows would, parent guidance, viewer discretion advised and what not. The title card reads episode 49. I see what you did there. The beginning of the film plays out exactly like any paranormal investigation show. After the haunting from that house was debunked they meet up with a very powerful and rich guy that is going to grant them full access to the “most haunted place in the country”. An insane asylum in West Virginia. The paranormal investigators are going in to lay waste to the rumors of a demonic possession in the grounds. They are met with an unwanted surprise of a local demon buster group that has also been asked to research the grounds, by the same rich guy, in the company of the paranormal investigators. They are spending a weekend there and before they can even get the cameras set up the haunting starts. Creepy sounds, little items moving around, and doors slamming, you know the usually suspects. As soon as midnight comes around paranormal investigators take to the building with all of their fancy equipment and the demon busters with of their…uh…faith, scouring every room, nook, and cranny, to track down any strange activity. Well, there is quite a flurry of it. They all seem less freaked out about all of the extremely obvious evidence and intervention in the physical world, than I would be. We now reach the part of every horror movie where they have to ask the obviously burning question, “What the hell are you still doing in that obviously haunted house”? The answer in this flick is a pretty generic one, but I work. The two leaders of each group don’t like each other very much and insist that each team stays to prove the other team wrong. The movie then begins to unravel a story where they find themselves going to another even more haunted place to close a satanic portal they accidentally opened by communicating with the ghosts. Keep in mind this is all still part of the television show. You would figure they would stop filming after the murder of one of the psychics. I felt very disappointed with the climax. I knew writer and director meant well and I’m sure it could have been a much better scene if it wasn’t so rushed.

I can’t say it was bad because I still felt that heart was put into it, it just didn’t do it for me personally.

Time for some meaningless ratings.

Scary: 3/5 very minimal, but done well

Acting: 3/5 good acting except for the pain parts, like getting stabbed, it didn’t look like they were crying, more
like childish blubbering

Story: 4/5 its ‘grave encounters’ meets ‘the last exorcism’; I got no problem with that.

Production: 2/5 make up was good, CGI ruined it for me.

Overall: 3/5 it’s not going to bore you, but it’s not going to keep you up at night


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