Def By Temptation (1990)


Reviewed by The Creep

Ladies and gentlemen of the ward, todays review is another Troma classic, “Def by Temptation”.  Directed by a young James Bond III. It is one of the few Troma flicks to feature an all black cast.


Joel is the son of a preacher man from a small town in North Carolina. In his younger years, Joel’s father, Minister Garth, delivered a heated sermon on how “blessed is the man who endurith temptation” right before his demise in a tragic car accident.  “K” is Joel’s older cousin that left the seminary to pursue an acting career in NYC.

Joel feels he must face temptation before fulfilling the family tradition of becoming a minister, so he travels to New York and stays with K so he can experience life outside of his town.

*meanwhile *

A demon succubus stalks the city in the body of a beautiful woman. She picks up men in bars, takes them back to her place and kills them after she seduces them. One night Joel meets she devil and a battle between good and evil ensues.

Def by Temptation is a pretty high profile Troma movie. Bill Nunn (the dude that played Radio Raheem) makes an appearance as “Dougy” and Samuel L Jackson (of Goodfellas, and Jurassic Park)  also is featured as “Minister Garth”.  This film is a Troma flick through n through.  Cheesy creepy monster, quirky humor, plenty of blood and guts. This is the kinda movie I put on when I’m doing laundry on a Sunday afternoon.

*Gore 3 outta 5 
*Story 4 outta 5 
*Jheri curls and hi-top fades 5 outta 5
*overall score 4 outta 5 


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