Dead Season (2012)


Reviewed by R.T.K.MV5BMTM4Njg1Mzg2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjYzOTkyNw@@._V1._SY317_

Good evening patients of the ward. R.T.K. here with another review, tonight I’m watching ‘Dead season’. Another zombie film because I haven’t seen any of those in a while let’s how they do. With the saturation of theses films, it doesn’t leave much room for error and leaves them open to critiquing and comparison to the legendary zombie movies, ‘ dawn of the dead’ , ‘night of the living dead’ etc. FUN FACT: my grandparents  and aunt are buried in the cemetery that they filmed ‘ night of the living dead’.

The movie plot is two random survivors meet up and acquire plans to get a boat and sail of to a safe island. Right off the bat I notice the ease they have with traversing the hoards, slightly shoulder blocking their way through. With the boat being a short distance away they arrive rather quickly and are setting sail. Will they check the boat for safety? Nope, we know this because the young boy that is coming along gets bit when heading down for a nap. The kid was in the film for 10 mins, his whole presences was completely pointless…. Soon after that whole epic waste of time they find the island… movie over? Or are there going to be zombies here too? If there are then leaving the city was utterly pointless. They find a house and begin searching supplies. Instantly a massive hoard of zombies is in the house, they don’t instantly show up…they just appear in the house. After some fumbling around with guns and not killing anyone, another group of people appear and kill all the zombies and take them hostage…..for whatever reason.

Later they interrogate Elvis and he is in shock about how much the group knows about him…based on what he found in his wallet…hmmm gee I bet there isn’t much info in his wallet. So the plot seems to have switched over to testing whether or not the two survivors are worthy of joining the community. Elvis the experienced E.M.T. and Tweeter the annoying loud mouth rude girl with no skills except for bringing up sexist issues which is exactly what people need to worry about with the world ending. She’s almost bad as the 17 year old that won’t eat because her dad isn’t making any real food. Her dad, the man organizing and training all these people so they could survive.

The majority of this movie is filled with unnecessary quarrels with zombies caused by stupid decisions and not following simple direct orders.  At one point, the end up sacrificing  two of the best people, most useful people for one crippled asshole, because they insisted on saving his wife that was bitten anyway…along with that, we get a nice pointless sex scene. And also, everyone seems to forget that zombies EAT people, they don’t have an urge to just bite people and hoddle along, they have a craving to eat human flesh. Well, this is fan-fucking-tactic. The daughter hasn’t been because she has been saving the food up to run away on her own. Good, go, die alone in the jungle. But she won’t, this is my prediction, dad realizes daughter is gone, sends out a search, zombie attack, daughter and tweeter only survivors. Elvis and the leader get in snakes argument after leader decides they are gonna cut up the cripple and serve him for dinner. An obviously intelligent move to anyone concerned with survival.

The super dramatic scene of him butchering the man is no more so gruesome then me eating barbeque. The so called human flesh even looks like chicken. Tweeter decides that she wants to leave with the daughter because she’s apparently sick of food and safety and water and a community that is willing to defend her. She goes out to gather supplies and of course finds herself running from walkers. When she makes her way back to the camp, she forces the gourd to open the gates getting him killed and opening the entire base up to zombie attacks….it’s amazing, this one woman alone completely ruined the great set up they had…and why? Cause she wants to live in fantasy world where they are gonna stumble on a friggin farm filled with all the creature comforts they were just enjoying….while living at the camp. I’m telling you right now… ratings are going to be at the end of the review, this movie isn’t even over and it gets 1/5.

So after the cluster fuck at the camp he only survivors are tweeter and daughter taking off together and Elvis and the leader, Leader is bit…the only person I like in this movie is going to die…Oh and big surprise Rachel can’t keep up with tweeter. That doesn’t stop her from surviving several attacks and killing a few even, so trained military personnel get killed but 17 girl that hasn’t eaten in a month is healthy enough to fend off zombies twice her size. Anyway our three hero’s make it on the boat and everyone is so relived…..I’m sorry but isn’t that how you got into this mess in the first place? By sailing off to a random island?
Terrible acting 
Terrible sound quality and production
Terrible story
Terrible movie


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