Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4 (2000)

Reviewed by The Creep

In the opening sequence, the narrator, (Mr. Stan Lee) apologizes on behalf of the Troma team for the previous 2 sequels,  and states that THIS is the real sequel.  That being said, ladies and gentlemen of the ward, here is “Citizen Toxie : The Toxic Avenger part 4”

So in 2000 era Tromaville, Toxie is a badass , not that self conscious pusy from #’s 2 & 3.  With his faithful sidekick Lard Ass, Toxie keeps the peace in Tromaville.


A massive explosion cauaes a rift in an interdimensional something or another and Toxie’s evil alternate dimensional doppelganger, The Noxious Offender, or “Noxie”, crosses through dimensions into Tromaville. Meanwhile Toxie crosses the interdimensional rift into “Amortville” and discovers an evil alternate Tromaville.

While in Tromaville the noxious offender proceeds to inflict random acts of violence against its citizens, and eventually recruits an army of nazis. As Toxie wanders through Amortville, he tries desperately to get himself and two mentally challenged students back safely to Tromaville.
Citizen Toxie is a better attempt at a sequel than numbers 2&3. Apparently we’re supposed to forget they ever existed. As I see it, this film comments more on how Troma has evolved than Melvin the mop boy. Citizen Toxie captures more of the chaos seen in Terror Firmer. The first Toxic Avenger film is like Dolemite’s interpretation of a comic book. The 4th film is more like a scary movie comic book on mushrooms.

Featuring Ron Jeremy as the mayor of Tromaville, Sgt. Kabukiman, Lemmy, and Joel Fleishaker (Troma’s resident disgustingly obese action star).  This addition to the Toxic Avenger series is more like a final glance back for the Troma team, to look back on all the craziness since the first film.


Blood & gore : 4 1/2 outta 5
Gross out : 5 outta 5 
Corey Feldman cameo : 5 outta 5 
Overall score : 4 outta 5


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