August Underground’s Mordem (2003)

Reviewed by Creepzilla

Ladies and gentlemen of the ward, the topic of today’s review is August Underground’s Mordem. Let me say right off the bat, this film is not to be taken lightly. Definitely not the selection to make if you’re trying to get a mid-movie bj. I first came across  AUM while Googling “the most fucked up movie ever” and it does not fail to disappoint.

August Underground’s Mordem doesn’t really have a plot or story.  Hell, it stops as abruptly as it starts, without any kind of resolution. Basically the film  (collected scenes of random, graphic violence.)  Is a home video created by the three main characters. We follow them as they kidnap, torture, rape, kill, then mutilate and violate their victims dead bodies.  All scenes are EXTREMELY graphic.

August Underground’s Mordem looks like the Manson family smoked a bunch of PCP, then hired the Blair Witch crew to help them make the Citizen Kane of snuff films. Makes Saw look like Sweeney Todd.  This film is not so much a scary movie as it is an endurance trial.

*disgusting highlights *

This whole film is a disgusting highlight. Seriously, its fuckin gross. My eyes felt dirty after watching it. The cinematic equivalent to a Cannibal Corpse song.


*brother fucking sister

*lots and lots of rape

* a man forced to cut off his own penis with a pair os scissors.

*did I mention rape?

*frantic disembowlment

*man fucking a rotten torso in a bathtub

* a room full of rotting bodies in various states of decay, one revealed as a maggot ridden corpse of a decapitated child.

*woman vomiting all over two other women before they get raped, as a man watches and masturbates

Gore: 36 out of 5

Story: 2 out of 5


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