A Serbian Film (2010)

Reviewed by The Creepzilla

Good afternoon, class. The topic of today’s review is Srdjan Spasojevic’s “A Serbian film”…

A Serbian Film is top a notch example among many other films that causes one to pose the question “what the FUCK is wrong with foreigners?”  It is a raw, unflinching , depraved addition to the respectable history of foreign gore.

Basically, Milos is a retired porn star who left the business to pursue a meaningful family life with his wife and son. While in retirement, Milos receives an offer from Vukmir, a wealthy artist/eccentric filmmaker. Vukmir offers Milos a sizable amount of money to once again act in adult films.  Financial strain forces Milos to accept the offer. Within a few days, Milos attempts to leave due to the dark, violent,  and often pedophiliac nature of the films.  From this point on, all proverbial hell breaks loose and its a psychedelic thrill ride of sex and violence that stops abruptly at an ending that will leave you feeling cold and empty inside.  To put it simply, this film makes requiem for a dream seem like an episode of Jersey shore.

Disturbing highlights :

The film opens with a young boy watching a porno starring his father, and it pretty much descends into the abyss from that point on. Without spoiling the ending,  here are a few things you can look forward to in “A Serbian film”

* machete decapitation of a woman performed mid coitus.

*the rape of an unconscious man performed by a male police officer.

*attempted self penile dismemberment.

* father raping unconscious son.

* man getting skull fucked to death.

* oh, how could i forget, ..the filmed birth and rape of a newborn child.


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