ATM (2012)

Reviewed by R.T.K.

Currently drinking: Heineken & orange flavored M&Ms (yes together)

Today I am watching a movie that, for me anyway, slipped right through the cracks and straight to DVD. All I know about this movie is, literally, the title. First ten minutes are plot set up, in which we establish the main character is too compassionate for his corporate banking job and the fact that, although he is attractive, has a painfully awkward time talking to girls at office parties. After said office party, cock block best friend insists on stopping at an atm. Dun dun dun!!!! After they are done with the A.T.M. they go to leave the kiosk and, I’m not kidding, it’s the creepiest fuckin silhouette standing in the parking lot just staring at them. Like any normal person, they are obviously hesitant to leave. While discussing his presence the three patrons in the kiosk decide to all just walk to the car together quickly and cautiously. It’s not like he’s a pshyco murderer. They then see another man in the parking lot just walking his dog. The creepy guy standing in the parking lot proceeds directly to the man walking his dog and bashes his brains into the pavement. So running for the car is out of the question. There is an important list of conveniences, from earlier in the movie, I should point out. Woman’s purse is in car and we all know chicks got like everything you need for any situation in her purse….if that situation involved putting on makeup, oh also her phone is in her purse, guy 2 has left his phone at home, guy 1 phone dead, lock button on car doesn’t work which allows creepy guy to get in his trunk, steal tools and turn off the heat in the kiosk. I’m assuming its cold wherever they are. Also, something worth pointing out is the magnetic strip on guy 2 debit card is worn out and the lock on the door to get in the kiosk is activated by that same magnetic strip. This is important because, the whole time they are thinking he can’t get to them because he doesn’t have a debit card. Well they soon make the disturbing discovery that the security buzzer doesn’t work at all. Meaning the maniac can blitzkrieg them at any moment. The whole time they are coming to this realization he is behind the building trying to break in the back door. In a lovely taunt move that I personally love in horror the cops drive close enough for them to see him, but not for him to see them. Giving it a great, there is no hope and you are fucked angle. So next step is to bribe him with about $1000 worth of goods and cash. When he bends down to pick up the money and things guy 1 makes a run for the car. An actual good idea. Finally someone with some sense in a horror movie. The only way a horror movie with an intelligent group can be better, is if the bad guy is even more intelligent. This is exampled for us in the fact that the maniac has gutted the car of wires. No escape for them. Well he runs his skinny white ass right back to the A.T.M. kiosk. The cops are back! Hurray hurray! Well a security guard, but still. While the guard is just about to call in for real back up, crowbar meet skull. Several cracks to the side of the cranium take care of him. Well back to the drawing board. Then BOOM! This guy gets ballsy as all hell and just bursts through the door! Maniac in the room the two men commence to beat him down. And then strangle him to death. Damn I bet they are that’s over. When they go to leave though, guess who’s still waiting outside? Yup, admittedly, I saw that coming a mile away, but I still love when maniacs pull that stuff, to me, it never gets old. So, the now bleeding corpse on the floor is nothing more than the janitor for that kiosk. Now, they are getting some cabin fever and turning against each other, throwing blame around. Guy 2 now takes his chances and runs for it. Only to be taken out by a simple yet ingenious trap, fish wire tied between two poles. On the floor disoriented, he meets his demise with a knife to the belly. One down, two to go. Now back to work on the back door. While tinkering around maniac spots a Xmas tree lot and what do trees need? Right, water. And what does water come from? Hose bingo. So he begins dragging it over to the kiosk and just like the crazed lunatic I fell in love with at the end of the movie begins preparations to flood the kiosk. What the? Guy 2 is still alive! They run out to grab him. They get him inside and open and shut the door at the prefect moment maniac slips and can’t see that the security buzzer doesn’t work. Well about this time, it’s getting kind of silly that they can keep running in and out all Willy nilly, pretty soon they are just going to run away. And my maniac friend takes care of that and pushes the car right up to the door. So no more pesky escaping. Then the hose turns on, water begins to flood the kiosk. So, guy 2 is bleeding to death in the corner, guy 1 and girl are trying to start a fire to set off the fire alarm, water is rushing in which will drown or freeze them, and my favorite lunatic is enjoying the show, sitting back in a lounge chair. Kudos to the guy and girl for setting off the fire alarm, but you got to watch those metallic waste bins. Lady make contact with broken bulb and zzzzt, she’s toast. While it looks like certain doom, his car bashes through the front door pushed by the security car from earlier. Finds a bottle of tequila in guy 2s pocket, quickly fashions a Molotov cocktail, time for vengeance. My favorite maniac is sitting in his chair still when he chucks the firebomb and it flame on. Seemed a little too easy. Guess what it’s not him in the chair. It’s the body of the security officer. This guy has got his shit covered. Cops swarm scene, maniac slips off into darkness, and guy 1 is hauled off as the nut case. Of course the maniac is hiding in the spectating crowd. We then cut to a scene that explains everything, apparently our maniac just does this for fun, and has been doing this a long time.

Pure, raw, terror. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nothing you can do. And those are equipped by society to help arrested and blamed poor guy 1 for the whole thing. Simply delightful story. One of the best types of bad guys, so simple yet deadly.

Some credits: Brian Geraghty (the hurt locker) as David (guy 1)

Josh Peck (Drake and Josh) as Cory (guy 2)

Alice eve as the chick

Now time for some meaningless effing ratings

Scary: 4/5 I’m giving it such a high rating based on the sheer amount of terror this scenario would induce in anyone, regardless if the strange man turned out to be a murderer, looking out to see just a shadow staring you down, that would scare anyone.

Production: 4/5 blood good, not enough gore.

Acting: 5/5 amazing, by all.

Story: 4/5 simple, effective, slightly lacking explanation. Most likely this is intentional, but I didn’t like it

Overall: 4/5 watch with the lights off for maximum chills!



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