What To Do When Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Horror Movies…

We’ve all been there. You meet a potential girlfriend/boyfriend and you eventually have to pop the BIG question, “Do you like Horror movies?” You’re hoping the next words out of their mouth are either “Hell yes!” or “Only the GOOD ones, none of that remake crap.” Either one is acceptable (preferably the 2nd statement). But if you get something along the lines of “I don’t like scary movies”, then my friend we have a problem. None of us want to hear about how our obsession is someone else’s inconvenience. So then what do you do? Well you can do what most of us would do and dump them right then and there. Or you can attempt to reach an understanding or better yet convert your new partner to the dark side. Let’s go over some possible scenarios, (I’m a guy so this will be from my perspective). Read more…



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