10 Interesting Facts About Halloween!

Happy Halloween patients of the ward!! Today, I have a special article for the holiday. I had planned on listing some interesting facts about Halloween (the Holiday). I spent a whole day studying and guess what? There are none! There is nothing but pointless crap! I thought there would be at least one gory story that had to do with the holiday. Like, the name came from a girl named Ween who was carved out like a Jack-o-lantern making her hollow. Hollow-ween. Halloween! Well, no. nothing. So I figured I would keep it in true horror fashion and give you….

10 Interesting Facts about Halloween (The Movie), same title, more awesome though!
So, here we go!

1. Pay raise: Halloween was Jamie Lee Curtis’ debut performance, she was paid $8,000. Over 20 years later, in Halloween resurrection, she was paid $3,000,000

2. Wrong place, wrong time: The film is set in, as you may know, Illinois in late October (around Halloween, hmm interesting) however, the movie was filmed in Palm Springs, California in the mid spring. To add the effect they were in fall, the crew hand painted hundreds of paper leaves and blew them around the scene to create the illusion of autumn. The leaves were caught and reused for each scene

3. Evil in another dimension: given the extreme success of the first film and the excitement from the crew, they wanted to create a gimmick to attract more sales. Their idea? 3D!! That’s right, Halloween II was initially too be shot in 3D, but it was shot down quickly. Debra Hill (writer and produce) had this to say about the idea “We investigated a number of 3-D processes […] but they were far too expensive for this particular project. Also, most of the projects we do involve a lot of night shooting – evil lurks at night. It’s hard to do that in 3-D.” you hear that Texas Chainsaw 3D?! You better bring it!

4. Kreepy Kirk: Michael Myers mask was at first going to be a creepy clown mask from the opening sequence. Jon Carpenter felt that it was too expressive though, he wanted it to be emotionless. So, $1.98 later we get the iconic mask of Michael, which is nothing more than a William Shatner mask, painted white, sideburns plucked, and hair teased up.

5. Filling in the gaps: In 1980, NBC bought the rights to play the movie on television for $4,000,000. During the filming of Halloween II, John Carpenter had to shoot 12 more minutes to fill the 2 hour block that was allotted for the film.

6. And the winner is…? : Halloween was nominated for a Saturn award, only to lose it to ‘wicker man’.

7. Rare text: in 1979, Curtis Richards composed a novel explain Michael Myers rage and his inability to die. Something about the curse of samhain (Danzig!?). It is extremely rare and has not been in print since 1982. If you have a copy take, a picture and show it off!

8. Music porn: John Carpenter composed the entire theme for Halloween in 4 days and in a rarely used 5/4 timing signature. That’s why it’s so awesome!

9. Quick death: The entire movie was filmed in 21 days!

10. Fearsome Franchise: Halloween is in 4th place of the highest grossing horror movies of all time. Beaten only by Friday the 13th, a Nightmare on Elm St., and, interestingly enough, the Hannibal series (Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon…etc.etc.)

Well, there you have it ghosts and ghouls. Now get out there and cause some mischief! It’s Halloween! Time for mayhem! Or do what I’m planning on doing. Buy a buncha cheap candy, crack open your 12 pack of (insert favorite beer here), and watch a good horror movie!


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