IMDB Releases ‘Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time’ List, And We Can’t Stop Laughing.

The following is a list of films that IMDB users felt were the  “Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time”. My friends, this is what happens when “movie experts” critique our genre. What follows is a joke to any true Horror fan…

1.) The Shining 

2.) Alien

3.) Shaun of the Dead

4.) Psycho

5.) Cloverfield

6.) Zombieland

7.) Saw

8.) The Exorcist

9.) 28 Days Later

10.) Sweeney Todd


Now, we’re not saying that there isn’t a film or two on here that wouldn’t make our Top 10 List, but this is an overall poor selection for what they are claiming. Half of these films do not belong on here and it’s obvious which ones those are.

I know it’s tricky to make a list like this because each fan has their own likes and dislikes, but this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the “Top 10 Horror Films of All Time”.


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