The Top 5 PG/PG-13 Horror Movies

1.) Insidious (2010)

This was the film that restored hope in me that the Horror genre was far from dying. James Wan took the concept of a good ol’ fashioned ghost story and flipped it on its ass! You don’t even realize that what you are watching has been slapped with an unappealing PG-13 rating. Set in the cozy suburbs of Los Angeles, a family is struck by grief when their son slips into a coma without any explanation. What follows are a series of paranormal events that shake up an already beaten family. Stashed away in the high ranks of my personal ‘Top 10 Horror Films’ list, it’s no wonder I’m being a little biased and placing this film in the #1 slot.

2.) The Ring (2002) 

Finally thousand of kids across the world could go see a good Horror film in the theater and not have to sneak in! Yes I speak from personal experience! Taking the story from the 1998 Japanese film ‘Ring’, Gore Verbinski showed Americans what Japanese Horror has to offer. A journalist tries to uncover a series of unexplainable deaths and soon finds they are all a result of a mysterious videotape (not a DVD, a VHS, remember those?!) that kills its viewers in 7 days. With plenty of scenes to make even the more seasoned horror fan piss their pants it’s no wonder this film made our list.

3.) Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Ah Raimi, you’ve done it again! Brought to you by the mastermind behind the Evil Dead trilogy, Drag Me to Hell brings back the ‘fun’  that has been left out of modern-day Horror. Now getting evicted is never fun, especially not when you’re retired and the thought of death is enough of an inconvenience. But now you have a loan officer (Alison Lohman)  telling you your house is going to be repossessed and you are now homeless. Well, I think that would make any self respected witch pissed off to the point of placing a curse on the officer, thus turning her life into a living ‘hell’. And Ms. Ganush in Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell does just that. What follows is one hell of a joyride that takes you back to the old days of horror!

4.) Poltergeist (1982)

Way before Paranormal Activity was making Americans unsure as to whether or not their home’s were safe, Poltergeist was shocking a different generation of movie goers. Little Carole Anne Freeling has that life force that ghosts go crazy for. That coupled with the fact that the Freeling’s home was built on a cemetery doesn’t work out too well for them. Soon the nice little track home that the Freeling family fell in love with has suddenly become overrun with ghosts, and they are taking over! With several memorable scenes and cheesy,but effective, 80’s special effects. This film will draw you in (maybe into the TV) and it’s only PG! Still relevant and still just as scary today as it was then!

5.) The Last Exorcism (2010)

With the recent ‘Exorcism’ craze in Hollywood I wasn’t expecting to be dazzled with any films of quality, but one film happened to be an exception. If it wasn’t for my friend telling me to watch it, I would have never seen it otherwise. Taking place in the backwoods of Louisiana, Reverend Cotton Marcus is called out to Ivanwood to perform an exorcism, which he doesn’t believe in. Thinking he can take the camera crew to the Ivanwood and show them that it’s nothing more than a placebo effect, he ends up with more than he bargained for. Though this film starts off slow, there is a finale and not a bad one at that.


2 Responses to “The Top 5 PG/PG-13 Horror Movies”

  1. Great list you have here. I loved both Insidious and The Last Exorcism.

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