Monsterland, the ‘Rainforest Cafe’ for horror fans!

After hearing non stop about the Monsterland Bar & Grill in Mesa, Az I had to check it out for myself and see what all of the hype was about. So last night my girlfriend and I headed out to the other side of the valley to check it out. Let me start off by saying, wow! When you first walk into Monsterland you notice that this place looks more like a haunted house than a restaurant. With dark lighting, animatronics, eerie looking props, horror movie posters, I immediately felt right at home. I became a little disappointed when the host informed us that the wait would be about an hour long, understandable under the circumstances. No worries, I’ll just help myself to the wide variety of craft beer the bar has on tap in the meantime. Yes that’s right, Monsterland not only knows their shit when it comes to making a badass horror themed restaurant, they also have good taste in beer. Sporting local favorites such as Four Peaks, Papago, Lumberyard and Santan, I almost felt as if someone had picked my brain and created my ideal eatery.

While we waited to be seated, we take in all of the scenery, of which there is a lot. Monsterland has a dance floor by the bar (with stripper poles) in the main room that turns the place into a wild nightclub after 9pm on Saturdays. If you go through the back entrance of the building you can witness Monsterland’s haunted house (I told you this place was the shit), I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to check it out but I will next time around. Of course in true haunted house fashion, the place is strapped with animatronics that are scattered throughout the establishment, going off at random times during the night. And of course we can’t forget the staff, dressed in anything from their upcoming Halloween costume, corsets, or their favorite Iron Maiden T. It’s safe to say the crew at Monsterland definitely knows their audience…

Once I finished my ‘Pumpkin Porter’ (Four Peaks) it’s about time for us to be seated, sweet! We order another round of beer, ‘Bat Wings’ (huge ass chicken wings) and ‘The Twister’ (pretzel soaked in Kiltlifter, with peppers and bratwurst on top). My girlfriend and I can’t seem to stop talking about what we are witnessing, it even got us in the mood to discuss horror films until the food arrived. The food at Monsterland will throw you off at first because it is served with the intent of looking eerie and odd. However any uncertainty you may have over the quality of the food vanishes after the first bite. Now I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to anything spicy, but the ‘Batwings’ were so damn good that it didn’t matter if I broke a sweat, I tore through them anyway. And ‘The Twister’?!..well who could resist a pretzel with an underlying taste of beer, topped with brats and smoked peppers?! Nobody I care to know.

I’m glad that I can sit here and say that, without a doubt, Monsterland is one hell of an establishment that knows what they are doing! I will be going back many more times and I will be dragging my buddies across town to check it out!

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2 Responses to “Monsterland, the ‘Rainforest Cafe’ for horror fans!”

  1. thank you so much for your kind words! Hope you come back to eat drink and be scary with us in the very near future!!!

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